Just about a half a day has past since the Blues were officially exhiled from the Western Conference Finals and the Stanley Cup Playoffs and I just frankly don't know how to react.

On one hand, we had a good season; 100+ point regular season, second place finish in the Central. Two playoff series wins and not to mention the joy of being able to say we knocked out the Blackhawks!

Still, on the other, it ended so abruptly and oddly. Throughout the entire Sharks series it felt like we were waching a completely different team. A team that struggled with penalty kills more than usual, that hit less often than the two series before, that had self-identity goalie questioning throughout all six games. Add in a resurfacing of the mental teetering wonder as to whether or not Hitch needs to go again and i can't help but feel a wide variety of emotions coursing through me and eating at my guts.

Who's to blame for the collapse against the Sharks?

Do we even blame anyone or just acknowledge that the Sharks were the better team through the six games?

Who was the right goalie; Elliot or Allen? Should they have not messed with who occupied the net at all?

How did we fail to come out fired up in the majority of the WCF games?

Were there injuries we didn't know about?

All questions I just personally have racing through my mind like an Indy-car; rapidly and in a circle disallowing a feeling of oncoming end.

All this on-top of the continued dedication I have to being a Blues fan (which, despite this fanpost is one thing that's not in question), only makes me wonder when we will get to indulge in that sweet feeling of watching the blue and yellow hoist the Stanley in a parade through downtown STL.

i'm just trying to get a vibe to wonder if anyone can point me in a direction that I should react to this postseason run we've endured in 2016.

How are you dealing with it, how should I take it?

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