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Celebrating the statistical accomplishments of the St. Louis Blues 2015-2016 season

For the last few seasons all I wanted from this team was for them to at least make the conference finals and this year they finally made it.

Great season boys!  See you in October!
Great season boys! See you in October!
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Considering the injuries throughout the season, I am still amazed that this St. Louis Blues team finished third out of the entire NHL.  I am especially amazed that I was watching Blues hockey at the end of May.  In fact, I think it never really sunk in that this team made it as far as it did.  It all seemed like a dream.

This season has been great all other things considered.  How great was it?  The Blues ranked in the top 10 in all but one of the possession and goal scoring stats.  The only stat they did not rank in the top 10 was their team shooting percentage.  The rankings are all from the regular season 5v5.  If you click on a header you will be able to use the sort buttons to sort by that column.