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Stars vs. Blues: TV coverage, game time and live stream for Game 3

Here's your information for tonight's late starting game.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight's game is a late 8:30 start. Why is a game in the Central Time Zone beginning at 8:30? Because it's on NBCSN, that's why!

Tonight's Bolts/Islanders game begins at 7:00, and they're expecting it to be over with in an hour and a half. This is questionable at best, which means keep your eyes peeled for alternative broadcast channels for the start of the game.

It will be on Y98 FM again, with pre-game beginning at 8:00. NBCSN's pre-game isn't a thing.

If you're not at home, you can catch the live-stream on NBCSN's Live Extra app, or on your browser, if you just feel the urge to follow this link.

Here's hoping for a regulation win.