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Beyond Checkerdome Quick Shot: Round 2 Game 3

Well .... that didn't suck. At all.

Prepare to see a lot of this image
Prepare to see a lot of this image
Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

From here on out, through the rest of Blues History, if anyone ever asks what the meaning is of "60-Minute effort" or "200-Foot Game" , you'll just have to point to tonight's game. This was just an amazing game from beginning to end, with every single player giving it all, and the Blues just dominating the Stars. The boys in blue out-hit, out-shot, and most importantly out-scored the Stars. The PP was on point, and the PK held up their end as well. David Backes held court with 2 goals and 9 hits, Vladimir Tarasenko had a 3-point night, Alexander Steen had a pair of goals, Brian Elliott was a MONSTER in net, and Ryan Reaves put the punctuation on the night with a fight and a kiss for the Stars bench. Everything that could go right .... did. That's a rare thing, Blues fans.

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Chalk this one up in the win column, and then on to Game 4!


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