Let em hear ya

Last night the Blues had a letdown. There is no other way to say it, they did not do what they needed to do to put the Stars away. Credit to the Stars for taking advantage of the mistakes and for imposing their will on the Blues (especially in the third period where if it were not for Elliot, this wouldn’t have made it to OT). However, this team has shown a ton of resiliency during the season, and even during the postseason. In the past, the normal reaction at this point would be to expect the collapse. However, this team has shown me enough that I remain hopeful. With that being said, I think we need to let the players know we are still with them. Much like how we know they are not the Blues of the past, we need to let them know we aren’t the Blues fans of the past who are waiting around to say "See I told you they’d mess it up". We are all on this ride together so we may as well let them know we are still there. Below is a list of players twitter handles. If you feel like it, tweet them some kind words. I ain’t trying to go Pollyanna or anything, but just let them know we know they are going to handle this. #EndItMonday


















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