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Blues At Stars Morning Open Thread: Blues Need To Focus

Regardless of whatever narratives are being pushed on today's broadcast, Thursday's loss comes down to one thing: effort.

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Somewhere, probably on today's pre-game broadcast, someone will blame Thursday night's overtime loss on Ryan Reaves and "the kiss" giving the Stars motivation to succeed.

That's bullshit.

You, I, God, and everyone else knows that had nothing to do with it. Did it piss the Stars off? Of course, but not enough for them to win a game against a team that had completely dismantled them the night before.

Did Joel Edmundson's gaffe give the game away? It certainly rattled the Blues, allowing for some bumpiness in the second period that we fans almost take for granted at this point in the playoffs. But did it give the game away?


It's the Blues striking inability to play for a full 60 minutes more than one time in a playoff series. When they put the foot on the gas, they get a showing like Tuesday night. When they slack off, they get Thursday. Thursday was fortunate to get to overtime. Game two was fortunate to get to overtime. The Blues can't rely on David Backes to score an overtime GWG every single time they have a gap in play that leads to free hockey.

This is your morning open thread. Check back in a little bit for your Road Music from CCR, and puck drop. Broadcast is today at noon on NBC to make room for a horse race that lasts 4 minutes.

Enjoy your screwed up schedule for the day.