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2016 NHL Entry Draft: North American Skaters

Full regular-season statistics package for all ranked North American skaters eligible for the 2016 NHL Entry Draft.

St. Louis native Trent Frederic is on your GTPD's draft radar. Photo by
St. Louis native Trent Frederic is on your GTPD's draft radar. Photo by
Brian Weidler, "St. Louis Game Time"


Here is the culmination of work that began for your "Game Time" Prospect Department last summer, right after the 2015 NHL Entry Draft. Your GTPD takes a day or two off after each year's draft to recharge, and then starts right into researching the players who will be available for the next season's draft.

Beginning with the "Players To Watch" lists that come out during training camp, through Central Scouting's Midterm Rankings during the holiday season, through the release of the CSS Final rankings in May, right up to the draft itself... Your GTPD is on the case trying to bring you as much information as possible about players who, in some cases, will be "Tomorrow's Blues."

We prepare a separate Excel spreadsheet for the North American skaters, the European skaters, the North American goaltenders, and the European goaltenders. Presented today is the spreadsheet for the North American skaters; the others will be ready for presentation next weekend.

Explanation of Column Headings:

-- REG: Region, either North America (NA) or Europe (EU).

-- PTW: Player ranking on Players To Watch listing.

-- MID: Player ranking on CSS Midterm listing.

-- FIN: Player ranking on CSS Final listing.

-- COMMITMENT: College that the player has committed to, if applicable.


To open the Microsoft OneDrive Excel spreadsheet:

-- Hover over the icon at the far right end of the grey bar below the worksheet.

-- It should read "View full-size workbook."

-- Click on the icon.