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Monday Links - Here We Are Again

Let's end tonight with handshakes.

Goalie Hugs!!!
Goalie Hugs!!!
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports


  • Beyond Checkerdome has your Quick Shot for Game 5 of Round 2. [SLGT]
  • Robb has your recap of Game 5. [SLGT]
  • Who is this masked man? (Spoiler: It's Ken Hitchcock). [SLGT]
  • The Blues play at 7 tonight with a chance to win Round 2. [Blues]




  • Tomorrow's Blues brings you the profiles of 3 St. Louis area players eligible for the 2016 Draft. [SLGT]
  • Tomorrow's Blues also brings you the North American skater rankings for the 2016 Draft. [SLGT]
  • A Capitals fan went to her first NHL game for her 101st birthday. And she got to ride the Zamboni! [Puck Daddy]
  • Guy Boucher has been hired by the Ottawa Senators (they're one of those Canadian teams that did not make the playoffs). [Puck Daddy]
  • Bruce Boudreau has taken the head coach position with the Minnesota Wild. [CBS Eye on Hockey]
  • Roman Polak needed to shut his door real quick before he got into hot water with a linesman. [Puck Daddy]
  • They brought out the Stanley Cup before the Kentucky Derby for the eventual winner Nyquist. (I actively cheered against him as a matter of principle...Fuck the Red Wings) [CBS Eye on Hockey]


  • Wheelchair basketball fans mean business. Fans from two rival teams took to fighting with knives and baseball bats, causing the game to be abandoned. [Deadspin]
  • Dwayne Wade now has all of Canada pissed off at him for continuing to warm up while "O' Canada" was being played. [Screengrabber]
  • Bartolo Colon finally hit a home run. Do yourself a favour and listen to the Spanish call. [Screengrabber]
  • The Fort McMurray fire is insane. [CBC Edmonton]
  • If you would like to donate to victims of the fire, check out this list. [CBC Edmonton]


Here's an inspirational hockey montage:

And "Pumped Up Kicks":

Donut King will have your next links post, be it for Game 7 of this round or Game 1 of next round.