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David Backes Puts Home Up For Sale - Everybody Panic (Or Not)!

Anyone in the market for a reasonably priced bungalow?

Billy Hurst-USA TODAY Sports

Special shout-out to Ian McLaren for trolling /r/stlouisblues to find this gem: David Backes has put his house on the market.

Everybody freak out. Or not.

Seriously, this is indicative of exactly nothing in the grand scheme of things. Backes has repeatedly voiced that he'd prefer to stay in St. Louis and that he and the Blues probably will have discussions (or are having them). July 1st is a long way aways, relatively speaking.

Honestly, the real issue is that this is a link to the Zillow listing for Backes' home, not a news article discussing Backes putting his house up for sale. Did the OP research Backes' address? Just happen to have it lying about?

People sell houses for reasons having nothing to do with job-related moves. People also sell houses for reasons having to do with job-related moves. Take from this what you will.

Happy off-season, everybody.