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Beyond Checkerdome #128: YeoLO

The latest episode is up and welcomes Mike Yeo to the 'Lou

Congrats, Ian Cole !
Congrats, Ian Cole !
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Hello there Blues fans! More time has passed, and more news has happened. The biggest news (to date) around these parts are the hiring of Mike Yeo as Associate coach and heir-apparent, and also Rick Wilson as the assistant coach. That fills two of the recent vacancies, and also sets up what happens in the post-Hitchcock era. Also, there's the new contract for Dmitrij Jaskin, but no news on the other free agents. Other league hirings include Brad Shaw in Columbus, and Randy Carlyle in -LOL- Anaheim. This time of year also brings around the annual Hawks salary/talent dump, and also awarding the Stanley Cup to Pittsburgh. Finally, we say a farewell to Mr Hockey, Gordie Howe.

Give it a listen, eh?

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The next time we chat will be after the draft, so I'm sure there'll be things and stuff to talk about then. Until that time -


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