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Blues Release 2016-2017 Schedule

It’s time to start focusing on next season.

NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-Chicago Blackhawks at St. Louis Blues Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

As released yesterday, the Blues begin the season with a road and home, back to back game set between the Chicago Blackhawks on October 12th, and the Minnesota Wild at home on the 13th.

The schedule gets no easier from here on out. Here’s the complete released schedule. Some highlights:

  • Blues/Blackhawks for the first game. Playoff narrative! Rivalry! Probably going to be broadcast on NBCSN!
  • The Blues’ll be hosting their once upon a time rival, the Detroit Red Wings, on October 27th. Is it just me, or is it less exciting to hate them now that they’re in the East?
  • December is the most home-game heavy month on the schedule. with eight. Happy holidays, everyone.
  • Something something outdoor game on January 2nd.
  • The Blues have three back-to-backs in November, with one, (Saturday, Nov. 5 vs. Columbus Blue Jackets/Sunday, Nov. 6 vs. Colorado Avalanche) scheduled just three days before the other (Wednesday, Nov. 9 vs. Chicago Blackhawks/Thursday, Nov. 10 at Nashville Predators).
  • Sunday, December 13th or Saturday, April 2nd are probably the best chances for a road trip to Nashvegas to say hi to our friends at On the Forecheck.
  • March is going to be awful. Let’s pray for no injuries down the stretch (which we all know will probably happen because Blues).
  • The season ends at home on April 9th against the Colorado Avalanche.

Any highlights stand out to you guys?