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2016 NHL Entry Draft: Day One Open Thread

As the Moody Blues once asked, “why do we never get an answer... when we’re knocking at the door...”

2016 Draft Logo
2016 Draft Logo
What will the Blues do as the 2016 Draft opens today...
Just so you all know, I still don't much care for this whiz-bang Chorus Beta stuff. I think it's meant solely to make things easier for the teeny-boppers who live with their noses glued to their "smart" phones, but whatever...

More questions than answers as the Blues go into the first day of the 2016 NHL Entry Draft.

  • Will they or won’t they trade Kevin Shattenkirk?
  • Will they get a Top Ten pick out of Shattenkirk, so they can draft Matthew Tkachuk?
  • Will they trade the rights to David Backes for a draft pick?
  • If they stand pat, will they go for offense or defense with the 28th overall pick?

Pitch in your thoughts, comments, and questions... We will have a full analysis of the Blues’ actions on Day One sometime this evening (after your GTPD gets home from the draft party out here in Phoenix... hopefully with some new Tucson Roadrunners gear).