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2016 NHL Draft: How to watch online, TV coverage, start time

Tonight's the big night where adults dissect 18 year olds and plot their future.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The 2016 NHL Draft is tonight, obviously. Coverage begins with a live stream on at 4:00 Central Time; the draft itself starts at 6:00 Central.

NBCSN will be broadcasting the draft, and there will be a livestream at NBCSN's Live Extra site for those of you not at home to watch.

If you're not able to stream, not at home, and don't feel like trying to play follow along on Twitter, SB Nation has a great draft tracker set up. Make sure that you bookmark it.

Will there be drama? Trades? Will Edmonton actually, seriously trade the fourth overall pick and an opportunity to draft Li'l Walt? Will the Blues make any moves?

What do I look like, a magic eight ball?

Regardless of the predictions, tonight's a huge night for St. Louis hockey. As our friend Joe Yeardon has pointed out, four St. Louis prospects will probably go in the first roundMatthew Tkachuk, Logan Brown, Clayton Keller Luke Kunin are all ranked by Central Scouting in the top 15 of North American skaters eligible for the draft.

A hometown pick'd be swell for the Blues, but no matter how you slice it, St. Louis is making a name for itself tonight.

Here's the first round draft order for tonight:

  1. Toronto
  2. Winnipeg
  3. Columbus
  4. Edmonton
  5. Vancouver
  6. Calgary
  7. Arizona
  8. Buffalo
  9. Montreal
  10. Colorado
  11. New Jersey
  12. Ottawa
  13. Carolina
  14. Boston
  15. Minnesota
  16. Detroit
  17. Nashville
  18. Philadelphia
  19. NY Islanders
  20. NY Rangers → Arizona
  21. Los Angeles → Carolina
  22. Chicago → Winnipeg
  23. Florida
  24. Anaheim
  25. Dallas
  26. Washington
  27. Tampa Bay
  28. St. Louis
  29. San Jose → Boston
  30. Pittsburgh → Toronto → Anaheim