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2016 NHL Draft Day Two Open Thread: Blues Have Six Day Two Selections

Let's see who the Blues wind up with on the second day.

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

After a draft day that involved trading away their starting goaltender and drafting something called a "Tage," the Blues have a few chances to add to their prospect pool today.

The Blues will be drafting 35th, 59th, 119th, 125th, 209th, and 211th in the second round of the draft. Also expected, though not necessarily from the Blues, per se, is that there will be some trades going down on day two. After all, that's how St. Louis wound up with Carl Gunnarsson in 2014 for Roman Polak.

Will Shatty be dealt today? Who knows. If you're one of the dedicated Blues fans who have woken up early on a Saturday morning, welcome to your day two open thread. I'll have quick posts detailing the Blues picks throughout the morning - Brian will have a full draft analysis later on this afternoon.