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NHL Free Agency Day Open Thread

Will the Blues sign any new additions? Will Troy Brouwer or David Backes find a new place to call home? Share and discuss today's events here.

Billy Hurst-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the highlight of hockey summer, everyone. After Wednesday's big trades and big Stamkos signing, there's either nowhere to go but up or down on the excitement level. The biggest chips might not fall today, but they'll fall eventually.

This is your open thread for someone's big payday. Will David Backes head to the highest bidder? Will Troy Brouwer sign with the Vancouver Canucks? Can the Blues manage to sign any key additions while still managing to stay under the cap? No one really knows. What we do know, though, is today should be interesting.

Chat about the big deals here, and if news breaks having to do with the Blues check back here for news and analysis.