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How much faith do you have in the St. Louis Blues front office?

The Hockey News surveyed hockey fans and the Blues’ front office ranked 11th.

2012 NHL Awards - Show Photo by Isaac Brekken/Getty Images

Earlier today Dominik Luszczyszyn from The Hockey News published the results of a fascinating survey he conducted. He asked fans to rank the confidence they have in each NHL team’s front office in 6 different categories: roster building, cap management, draft/develop, trading, free agency, vision. I’m really bummed that I missed out on the survey because if there is one thing I love to do it is take surveys (yes, I am being serious — I actively participate in several different market research groups including the NHL’s fan survey group).

Of course, I immediately scrolled through the article looking for where the St. Louis Blues ranked. I scrolled, and scrolled, and kept scrolling and found The Note sitting pretty at 11. What does this mean? Scores from each of the categories were weighted and then aggregated and out of all the NHL teams, the Blues ranked 11th in the amount of trust fans had in the team’s front office. Not in the top 10, but better than I thought they would be. The number of people who answered questions about the Blues was 159 which obviously is a fraction of the total fan base. And considering this was an open survey, not at all representative of the fan base. However, it is an interesting exercise in crowdsourcing evaluations about the NHL’s front offices.

St. Louis Blues ended up with a score of 6.92 which put them just ahead of the Blackhawks (12th) and just behind the Winnipeg Jets (10th). The team which fans had the most faith in the front office was Tampa Bay with a score of 83.7. The Canucks scored 2.91 putting them dead last in the league.

Breaking out the score by categories, the Blues best category was cap management where they ranked 7th out of all NHL teams. This is my first clue that these results are not representative of the Blues’ fan base. If there is one thing Blues fans love to complain about it is how Armstrong has overpaid certain players. Their lowest ranking category was trading where they were ranked 20th. This seems reasonable to me considering the Halak/Miller trade, the Oshie/Brouwer trade, and more recently the Elliott trade. They scored 8th in draft/develop and this seems very fair to me.

If you were to score each of these categories on a scale from 1-10 how would you rank the team’s front office?