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Blues To Be Featured On Twelve National Broadcast Games

Ratings don't lie: St. Louis is a good team to have on national TV for NBCSN.

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Last season, the St. Louis metro area proved (again) that it's a hockey hotbed. They ranked in the top five metro areas for viewership, and the ratings for game seven between the Blues and Chicago Blackhawks set an all-time viewership record for FoxSports Midwest.

This is a hockey market, and the NHL (with the Winter Classic) and NBC Sports is seizing on that cache this season. The Blues and Blackhawks will be NBCSN's opening night tilt on October 12th, and there are eleven games after that:

Three of these games are coveted (when they get the matchups correct) Wednesday Night Rivalry games: October 12th and November 9th against the Blackhawks (Yes! Rivalry!), and February 15th against the Detroit Red Wings (close enough).

Looks like making it to the Western Conference Finals did the Blues some good.