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Beyond Checkerdome 129B: Draft Punk

The Blues were hoping to get lucky at the 2016 NHL Entry Draft

Weird to see anyone wearing a 16, ain't it?
Weird to see anyone wearing a 16, ain't it?
Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

Hey  - whaddya know. Bonus Podcast!

We briefly covered the 2016 Draft in episode 129, but we knew we couldn't do it justice. So we recorded a second conversation with Gametime's own Prospects Department. We have a great chat about the selections that St Louis provided as well as the ones that St Louis made at the draft. Brian fleshes out some of what we know about these kids, and has some great info about their performances at the Combine. Some good info here, and several reasons to be optimistic about this group of players.

Give it a listen, eh?

For a download link, click HERE

As always, feel free to hit us up online with feedback/questions/threats at @ByndCheckerdome.

Always keep tabs with Brian's work on Gametime, especially on Sundays when he usually posts the latest prospect goodness. You'll also find the fruits of his hard work in the paper version of GameTime, sold before each home game.


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