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"Game Time" PROSPECT SUNDAY: One Down, 19 To Go...

By an overwhelming margin, "Game Time" readers have named Finnish netminder Ville Husso as the Blues' top prospect for 2016-17. The picture is a little less clear after that...

By a landslide, Ville Husso is the Blues top prospect for 2016-17 per "Game Time" readers. Photo by
By a landslide, Ville Husso is the Blues top prospect for 2016-17 per "Game Time" readers. Photo by
St. Louis Blues dot com


"Game Time" readers have spoken... and they spoke loud and clear in favor of the latest "Goalie Of The Future" in the Blues' organization.

Almost three hundred of you cast votes in our initial poll of the Blues' top prospects for the 2016-17 season, and almost half of the respondents selected Helsinki native Ville Husso as the Blues' top prospect for the upcoming season.

Husso received 129 votes of the 277 total votes cast, and the response was so overwhelmingly in favor of Husso as the Blues' top prospect that your GTPD has decided to cut the polling short by a week, declare Husso the fans' choice as the Blues' top prospect, and open a new poll to determine who should be the Will Riker to Husso's Jean-Luc Picard...

In the poll below, we've listed the four prospects that received the most votes behind Husso in our initial poll, along with the number of votes those players received.

We almost -- almost -- decided to outright name Ivan Barbashev the number two prospect, and make this a three-way race for third, fourth, and fifth places... but seeing as how Barbashev has only outpointed Vince Dunn by 12 votes, we're going to throw it open for a new poll to determine second through fifth on the Blues' prospect list.

Note that there is no "Other" in this poll... if you vote, you're voting for either Barbashev, Dunn, Ty Rattie or Tage Thompson as your choice for the number two prospect behind Husso.

The "Other" category got eight votes (out of 277) in our initial poll, which frankly puzzles us a bit. Your GTPD wonders who out there thinks that neither Husso nor Barbashev nor Rattie nor Dunn nor Thompson -- not to mention Jordan Schmaltz, Jordan Kyrou, Jake Walman or Comnnor Bleackley -- is deserving of being the Blues' top prospect, and we wonder further why none of you who voted for "Other" gave us a name to answer that question...

Moving on... as before, in order to help you, the reader, determine which prospects have earned your vote, we have prepared a chart listing all of the players on the Blues' current Reserve List, their vitals (height, weight, etc.), draft information, and their regular-season stats from the 2015-16 season.

To open the Microsoft OneDrive Excel spreadsheet:

-- Hover over the icon at the far right end of the dark grey bar below the worksheet.

-- It should read "View full-size workbook."

-- Click on the icon.

This is a new poll, so if you voted in the previous poll, you can vote in this one as well. If you voted for Husso in the previous poll, this is your chance to tell us who you think is the Blues' second-best prospect for the coming season; if you voted for someone else, you have a chance to cast a second vote for that prospect, or for one of the others if you have changed your mind.