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First Blues’ Winter Classic Alumni Game Participants Announced

Hull, Federko, MacInnis, and Pronger all return.

Oilers v  Blues

One of the more exciting part of the Winter Classic is the Alumni Game, because while it’s one thing to watch a regular season game outdoors with guys you watch play all of the time, it’s another thing to watch legends that you may’ve missed their first go round - or the heroes of your childhood, depending on your age - out there in a game of shinny.

Sure, it doesn’t compare to the excitement of being at The Arena, but let’s admit it - seeing Brett Hull playing hockey in the Blue Note again is pretty damned awesome.

Full lineups haven’t been released yet, but I’d pay money just to see the teaser group of four that the Blues announced today. Hall of Famer Bernie Ferderko (his actual full name now, I believe), Hull, Al MacInnis, and (perhaps considering his concussion issues) surprisingly Chris Pronger.

Tickets to the Alumni game on New Year’s Eve are included with your Winter Classic ticket purchase.