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Let’s Choose The Blues’ Winter Classic Alumni Roster

Who would you like to see put on the Note again on New Year’s Eve?

Detroit Red Wings v St. Louis Blues

The Blues announced their first four alumni who will be lacing their skates up on New Year’s Eve: Brett Hull, Bernie Federko, Al MacInnis, and Chris Pronger. The rest of the team will be announced later on, closer to the game day.

The Blues have a long list of alumni, many of them fan favorites, many hall of famers. I’m pretty sure that we all have some of the old guys we want to see out there play a game of shinny, be it because they were before our time, or because they are examples of our time. Personally, I’d love to see Curtis Joseph, Adam Oates, Brendan Shanahan, Jeff Brown, and everyone brave enough to wear a clown jersey.

Wayne Gretzky’s representing the Oilers in their Heritage Classic alumni game; would he be willing to skate around a bit to celebrate the 18 regular season games that he wore the C? Scott Stevens would be fun in a defeatist way. Martin Brodeur would be...

Ok, how about Manny Legace instead?

I was going to do a poll here, but there are too many great players to choose from, so leave your picks in the comments.

As long as no one says we want Mike Keenan back as the alumni coach, we’ll be cool here.