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Beyond Checkerdome #132: Signs Of Life

It's beginning to look a lot like Hockey!

"Nice job, Matt!" "Thanks, but my name's Kenny" "Are you sure?"
"Nice job, Matt!" "Thanks, but my name's Kenny" "Are you sure?"
Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Fall is a wonderful time of the year. It brings us cooler temps, baseball playoffs (usually), and sometimes it brings Tim birthday beer! Best of all - it brings us hockey! The prospects tournaments are over, and we're in the waning days of the World Cup of Hockey. As we get back into the groove of things, we talk about the WCoH, and the various participants the Blues have there. We also talk about the new Alexander Steen contract, and what he means to this team. Camp is starting, and with it brings new opportunities for some players. And, of course - the ongoing saga of Vladimir Sobotka keeps going on and on and on...

Give it a listen, eh?

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