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World Cup Of Hockey 2016 Final: Game Two, Canada Win Ends The Tournament

Will Europe squeak out a win, or will Team Canada put the World Cup of Hockey to bed?

World Cup Of Hockey 2016 Final - Game One - Europe v Canada Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

The World Cup of Hockey’s finals began Tuesday and could end tonight. The best-of-three tournament is looking more and more like another chance for Canadian prowess to shock the tournament’s Cinderella squad into submission. Despite solid play from Jaroslav Halak, and Canada probably not playing up to their full potential, the Canadians snagged game one, 3-1.

Tonight the European squad will have to rely on not just Halak, but on their skilled forward corps and tendency to play a game appropriate for squelching offense in unexpected ways. Canada, on the other hand, just needs to keep on with what’s worked so far and they’ll end the tournament 6-0.

This is your Game Day thread. Come by, chat about the game, complain about the necessity of the World Cup of Hockey in the first place. Cheer Jay Bouwmeester and Alex Pietrangelo on to victory - or just use this as an excuse to watch hockey. You do you.