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Beyond Checkerdome #146: Jekyll And Hyde

Winter Classic hangovers (literal or figurative) are no fun

NHL: Dallas Stars at St. Louis Blues
Whoa Robby ... is that a hernia check?
Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

By now, the Winter Classic hangover (literal, or figurative) should be over for you guys. This week we just cover two games after the big hoopla, a 1-1 record against Carolina and Dallas. We also talk about the World Juniors and also the upcoming debate over public money for Scottrade renovations. Also, helmet-farting. We also get a chance to discuss a trade proposal that was emailed in to us from a listener.

Give it a listen, eh?

For a download link, click HERE

The technology gods were working against us during this, which is why it is late and choppy at times. Sometimes the Blues are hard to watch, so we're following suit in being hard to listen to, I guess. Thanks for your patience!

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