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NHL Goal Differentials

St Louis Blues v New York Islanders Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Just a quick look at NHL goal differentials by team for the season to date. You will see that our St. Louis Blues have a nice even distribution (in terms of number of games) for 5v5 play with the spread being -3 to +3. Yes, there is that outlying -7 game but we are just going to ignore it for the moment. However, when you switch to all strengths (i.e. the entire game including overtime), their spread changes to -5 to +4. The Blues have 11 +1 goal games (the most for the team). The only one other team which has more +1 goal games than the Blues at all strength are the Blackhawks (however, many other teams in the league also have 11 one goal games).

Nothing earth shattering to report with these numbers. Just something fun and quick for you all.