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2017 NHL Winter Classic Game Day Thread

What time are we starting this thing? Who knows.

Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

Welcome to the 2017 NHL Winter Classic (game day thread)! Will today's game start at 12:00? Will it be delayed due to rain? Will it be a night game? Will it be a tomorrow night game?

Who knows.

This is the 21st time that the league has done one of these things. There have been eight Winter Classics, seven Stadium Series, four Heritage Classics and yesterday's Scotiabank NHL Centennial Classic. The thing is, you can plan a perfect event. You can't plan what mother nature is going to do.

So this is your game day thread. This game's going to start eventually, Might as well get this thing up and get this party started.

Happy Winter Classic everyone. Rain or shine, let's go Blues.