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Blues claim confidence in Jake Allen, leave him at home

Jake’s not in the ‘Peg.

NHL: Washington Capitals at St. Louis Blues Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

The Blues have problems with their goaltending right now. They recalled Pheonix Copley from the Chicago Wolves, they left Jake Allen at home on their road trip to Winnipeg. They’ve had to issue a statement that they have full confidence in Allen, but how can you have full confidence in a goaltender, recall a guy from the AHL, and leave him at home?

It’s great to have full confidence in someone’s ability and their desire to get back on track, but you can admit that someone isn’t playing up to snuff right now. It’s ok to admit that - for right now - you don’t have any confidence in them to get their job done. In the future? Sure. Now? Just admit it.

Steen had this to say about Allen and the team’s play:

"We've given up scoring chances that have isolated him a little bit and that's on us. Right now, it's about building our game back to get him back into a comfortable position in the net again. Individual stuff like that isn't really (very) individual, it's more of a group attitude and what we need to do to get him back to where he was."

He’s right. The team as a whole needs to be better. The team has done a good job of recognizing where there are problems. They have done an awful job of addressing and fixing said problems.

Benching Jake Allen is a great start. Getting him a sports psychologist to get him past this would be a fantastic next step.

"But being part of the organization (means) you're there through the thick and thin times. This is (one of those) times. We have faith in him, and I've talked to him about our faith in him. But the reality is, and we all understand it, is its professional sports. You're judged on what happens every night.

"A reset is going to be very good for him right now," Armstrong added. "I know the players haven't lost faith or trust in him, and we haven't. But to continue down the path without some type of conclusion to what we're going through didn't seem appropriate. This gives him time to reflect and get ready to go."

Getting Allen a reset button in the form of someone to clear his head is a great idea. This is a great idea, because the Blues have bet the house on Allen. They have dealt away Ben Bishop and Brian Elliott.

They have the lowest team GAA in ages. One of the worst in the NHL. Jake has problems. Admit it, fix it, and then have confidence in him.

But for the time being, it’s ok to not be confident. It’s ok to not be confident in the team - use it as a building block and a starting point. But stop just talking about things - do something.