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2017 NHL All-Star Skills Competition Player Assignments

Blues Vladimir Tarasenko to compete in One-Timer and Fastest Skater

NHL: St. Louis Blues at Nashville Predators Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Here are the player assignments for the 2017 Coors Light NHL All-Star Competition that will be held Saturday at 6 p.m. CT on NBCSN. Blues Vladimir Tarasenko will compete in the One-Timer and Fastest skater portions of the event.

Players from the Atlantic and Metropolitan Divisions will face off against players from the Central and Pacific divisions to determine who and when they will play for their first game on Sunday. Individual awards will also be handed out. The six events are:

  • Gatorade NHL Skills Challenge relay
  • Honda NHL Four Line Challenge
  • DraftKings NHL Accuracy Shooting
  • Bridgestone NHL Fastest Skater
  • Oscar Mayer NHL Hardest Shot
  • Discover NHL Shootout

Gatorade NHL Skills Challenge Relay: A timed relay event that will consist of five challenges each. One Timers, three shooters and one passer per team. Passing, one passer per team. Puck Control, one skater per team. Stick-Handling, one skater per team. Goalie Goals, one goalie per team.

Central Division:

One-Timers: Tarasenko, Keith, Suter (passer MacKinnon) Passing: Toews

Puck Control: Seguin Stick-Handling: Kane Goalie Goals: Dubnyk

Pacific Division:

One-Timers: Pavelski, Kesler, Carter (passer Horvat) Passing: Doughty

Puck Control: Fowler Stick-Handling: Gaudreau Goalie Goals: Smith

Atlantic Division:

One-Timers: Karlsson, Trocheck, Okposo (passer Hedman) Passing Nielsen

Puck Control: Marchand Stick-Handling: Matthews Goalie Goals: Price

Metropolitan Division:

One-Timers: S. Jones, Ovechkin, Simmonds (passer McDonagh) Passing: Tavares

Puck Conrol: Faulk Stick-Handling: Crosby Goalie Goals: Holtby

Honda NHL Four Line Challenge: One shooter will take two shots from one of the four designated spots (near blue line, center line, far blue line, and far goal line) in an attempt to score goals in their designated area of the net (top right/ left, lower left/right, or five hole). For the fourth shooting position (far goal line) the captain of each team can substitute their fourth shooter for their teams goalie in order to score an additional 10 points.

Shooters for each division are:

Atlantic: Kucherov, Karlsson, Trocheck, Weber

Metropolitan: McDonagh, Simmonds, Hall, S. Jones

Central: Suter, Seguin, Subban, MacKinnon

Pacific: Pavelski, Burns, Kesler, Horvat,

DraftKings NHL Accuracy Shooting: Four rounds with one shooter from each team per round. Shooters will attempt to hit four 15-inch diameter targets located in each corner of the net. Fastest to hit all four wins. If a player breaks Daniel Sedin’s record of 7.3 seconds they will be awarded a bonus point for their team total.

Shooters for each division are:

Atlantic: Okposo, Matthews

Metropolitan: Tavares, Crosby

Central: Laine, Kane

Pacific: McDavid, Carter

NHL Bridgestone NHL Fastest Skater: Two skater head to head timed race. The skater with the fastest overall time will skate one additional lap at the end of the event in an attempt to break Dylan Larkin’s record of 13.172 seconds.

Skaters for each division are:

Atlantic: Marchand, Kucherov

Metropolitan: Atkinson, Hall

Central: Tarasenko, MacKinnon

Pacific: Horvat, McDavid

Oscar Mayer NHL Hardest Shot: Each shooter will attempt two slap shots from 30 feet. Fastest (mph) of the two shots gets recorded. Shooters will square off in head to head format. Player with the fastest overall shot gets an additional bonus point. If a player breaks Zdeno Chara’s record of 108.8 mph they will score another bonus point.

Atlantic: Hedman, Weber

Metropolitan: S. Jones, Ovechkin

Central: Laine, Subban

Pacific: Burns, Doughty

Discover NHL Shootout: Nine skaters and two goalies from each of the top-scoring teams from the Eastern Conference and Western Conference will participate. The captains of each winning team will also choose an additional player from their respective conference’s other team, these two players will be labeled the Discover puck player. NHL shootout rules will apply. Each goal is worth one point except for goals scored by the Discover puck player, which will be worth double.