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Beyond Checkerdome #148: Make Allen Goalie Again

As Jake struggles, so do the Blues. Also, Rumors!

NHL: St. Louis Blues at Winnipeg Jets
Talk about building a wall ....
Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

Here’s a week we’d all like to forget, especially Jake Allen. This week’s slate of games covers an 0-3 week that saw more hooks than a bait shop. Jake’s troubles happen to be at the same time as the team’s and that’s not a coincidence. We talk a little about those, and also the trade rumors floating around the team. Some of those are fueled by hockey media, which we dig into, and then we also have a few emails to cover. We also provide a light at the end of the tunnel when we talk about the schedule ahead. We’re chock-full of topics this episode.

Give it a listen, eh?

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