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Ryan Reaves Is Excited About The Winter Classic And Being On The Fourth Line

Him and the rest of St. Louis, of course.

2017 Bridgestone NHL Winter Classic - Chicago Blackhawks v St Louis Blues Photo by Patrick McDermott/NHLI via Getty Images

So we can all agree that the Winter Classic was an awe inspiring experience for the fans in attendance, and that this weekend was an outstanding one for the Blues and the city of St. Louis. The players couldn’t say enough good stuff about the game either, and not just because they won. After the Classic, Ryan Reaves was interviewed by NHL Tonight, and needless to say, he enjoyed the game:

He’s also enjoying his role on the fourth line. Reaves recognizes the unique skill set that they possess, and the fact that they’re more than just muckers and grinders. Reaves himself lost weight this off-season and conditioned himself into a more agile playing state. He had this to say about his line’s role on the Blues:

“The game’s changing, you need four lines on a team. You can’t roll three lines for 60 minutes, those guys get gassed. For us to be able to roll four lines we’ve got to take a little pressure off those top three. …I think number one is we go out there and we get the energy. At the end of the first period we go have a shift and we’re banging down low, get a couple chances, I think that builds. If we get a chance that’s like the other lines getting a goal, that’s kind of our mindset.”

There’ve been a few games this season where it’s looked like the fourth line were the only ones who showed up, so it’s reassuring to hear Reaves confirm that they’re taking their job seriously.