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Weekly Links - Happy Trails

Links are closed. Moose out front shoulda told ya.

Craig Janney
The links skate off into the sunset . . . just like Craig Janney and his wife . . . WHOOPS.

Well hey, folks. DK here.

As you most likely have noticed, BluesMay and I have not posted links in over a month. There are reasons for that—some valid, some not. But mostly, neither of us really have the time to post links on a weekly basis anymore.

We will admit that it was not easy to get feedback on links posts. That was partially our fault, as we were not exactly the greatest at accepting feedback. Our apologies.

But the fact of the matter is . . . we don’t have time, as stated earlier. With me working a good 50+ hours a week and us traveling most weekends to visit family and friends . . . not to mention good ol’ family-planning . . . we just kinda had to let the links fall by the wayside, unfortunately.

I will also admit that it would have been relatively difficult for either of us to stay neutral with recent world events in regard to some of the links we would be posting, and we aren’t here to start a political war, particularly without intent of doing so. This is the last place we would ever want to do that.

So, maybe one of these days, someone will ride in and take over links duty. It won’t be us. It was fun while it lasted.

Thank you all for three and a half years of good times with the St. Louis Game Time links, ladies and gentlemen.

Happy trails, from the links crew.

Play us off, Keyboard Cat:

Hasta Luego.