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Blues at Penguins: How to watch, listen, or stream

It’s opening night and there’s no reason you should miss a minute.

St Louis Blues v Pittsburgh Penguins

Tonight’s game, by virtue of being the first game on the docket, the NBCSN live national broadcast. Does it help that it features the Penguins? Sure. Should we care? Nah. It’s a nice way to start the year off. No one should complain about national attention (past maybe the fact that it appears that the Blues tend to lose their national broadcast games), although sometimes the NBCSN broadcast crew needs to refresh their knowledge of the pronunciations in their media guides.

Tonight’s game can be taken in one of three ways. You can just flip on your TV (or enjoy a TV in your favorite dining and drinking establishment), you can tune your radio to KMOX since the Cardinals are sadly done (you can also tune your internet to 1120AM as well), or you can view NBCSN’s LiveExtra stream tonight. Just log-in with your cable provider and watch on your computer, smart TV, tablet, or phone.