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Stars at Blues morning open thread: Ready and willing

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Let’s get pumped for the Blues’ home opener!

NHL: Preseason-Dallas Stars at St. Louis Blues Billy Hurst-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight is the Blues’ home opener, and hopefully everyone is ready to buy a Game Time and tip your vendor well.

The team will be holding a bunch of festivities to mark the day - a happy hour on the concourse is scheduled from 5-6 with food and drink specials ($5 16oz Budweiser products and 25% off of food at some locations including Sugarfire). Pre-game starts at 6:45 with some highlights of the Scottrade improvements made thus far an a performance of the Beatles’ “All Together Now” (Macca wrote it in 15 minutes, I’m convinced) by the Show Me Arts Academy.

No word yet on if Louie will be accompanied by any Blue Meanies for the pre-game events.

Local band Greek Fire will perform prior to a tribute to original Blue Noel Picard, who passed away a month ago.

Then, finally, the puck’ll drop. All of this should still happen in less time than the Penguins’ opening night banner ceremony.

If all of the good stuff happening at 14th and Clark isn’t enough, there’re some treats going down here. The usual game day slate is back, with a Lighting the Lamp from Rick Ackerman, a preview, your GDT, and whatever else our cadre of writers churn out.