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Beyond Checkerdome #166: Enjoy The Moment

Where we cover a 3-0 week and try to appreciate it in the Here and Now

NHL: St. Louis Blues at Tampa Bay Lightning
“Mr Offensive Defenseman” doesn’t know where the penalty box is anymore ...
Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

And the hits just keep coming! This week we try to balance out the happiness of a 3-0 week against the paranoia of when it will all end. The other shoe is gonna drop, right? In the meantime, we celebrate wins against Calgary, Carolina and Columbus. We see an improvement in the special teams, and wonder if that will stick. We also talk about how some folks read too much or the wrong thing into jersey numbers. Sure, there are things that we can worry about in the future, but try to stay in the moment, OK?

Give it a listen, eh?

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