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Brett Hull chats Keenan, the Arena, cockroaches, and bears with Joe Buck

The interview airs Wednesday on DirecTV Now at 7pm.

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The NHL 100 presented by GEICO - Show Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

There is never any shortage of fun whenever Brett Hull sits down for an interview. This week, he’s popping up on hometown broadcaster Joe Buck’s show Undeniable with Joe Buck. Buck, being a lifelong fan of the Blues (see, he really is a homer, you guys!) is able to get some quality stories out of Hull, who is currently employed by the Blues as an executive vice president/ambassador of fun.

His job comes, of course, after a stint in the front office of the Dallas Stars, and time spent with the Coyotes, Red Wings, and Stars after he left the Blues. Why did he leave the Blues?

This may come as a complete and total shock to everyone, but it has to do with Mike Keenan.

“He was such a tyrant,” Hull says. “There’s things you do, and things you don’t do.”

And that was over benching Dale Hawerchuk, whose ill grandmother made a trip to see him play before she passed away. When it comes to Keenan’s treatment of Hull, the Golden Brett doesn’t hold back:

“I snapped on Mike Keenan [about Hawerchuk] and that’s when he took my ‘C’ away. You can take it. That’s the lowest thing I’ve ever seen. If that’s what it means, then they can have it.”

I’ve wondered my entire life why Hull lost the captaincy, and now that I know, I despise Keenan more. I never thought that was possible.

Hull left St. Louis under a less than auspicious cloud, and he regrets that. He loved playing here - which shouldn’t be a matter of debate - but he was forced out due to the management and Keenan. Looks like the guy who yelled “MIKE KEENAN SUCKS” at Hull’s HHOF night was on to something.

It’s not a surprise that Hull didn’t correct him.

Hull also chats about his love for the old Barn, cockroach measuring contests and all (yes you read that right):

“It was so electric it made you want to be better. The atmosphere in there, it made you want to make them go crazy. And it was awesome.”

Aaand finally, there’s the bear story.

It wasn’t a real bear, per se. And there may have been some illicit substances involved. Regardless, Hull and his friends did run from a bear. Just not a real one.

The interview airs tomorrow night at 7:00 on the AUDIENCE Network, which is DirecTV (Channel 239) and AT&T U-Verse (channel 114 or 1114), as well as the DirecTV and U-Verse apps. Lord knows what else our favorite scorer will have to say.