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Maple Leafs at Blues morning open thread: Number one in your hearts

Bobby gets his jersey retired and Mike Yeo gets his debut.

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Ken Hitchcock’s firing yesterday Mike Yeo’s debut tonight would be the main story for any other team. It’d be the main story for the Blues on any other day.

Today though? Today belongs to Bobby Plager.

The Blues are retiring Bobby’s number five tonight, and Game Time will have some special pieces today (and in the paper tonight - tip your vendor) celebrating a player who is synonymous with this team’s identity.

Bob Plager is the Blues.

This is your morning open thread. Check back later on for the usual slate of stuff, but for now, how about we all remember the best of Bobby this morning? Could it be that time he stuck up for Al Arbour against Philly fans who (shock of shocks) throw things?

Share yours in the comments, and I’ll be seeing you tonight at 6:30 for Bobby’s retirement ceremony.