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Cam Janssen and Brackets For Good team up for charity

Everyone’s favorite former Blues pugilist and Carey Price harasser is raising dough for local charitable organizations.

Brackets For Good

The Pride of Eureka, Cam Janssen, is helping out some local charities with Brackets for Good. Brackets for Good St. Louis is a March Madness style set-up where donors compete to move their charity of choice on to the next round via donations. It starts this Friday at 8 PM. Last year, former Blues captain David Backes’ Athletes for Animals walked away with the grand prize. The tournament raised nearly $200,000 for local charities through 1,887 donations.

Brackets for Good USA also has a St. Louis representative competing: Stray Rescue of St. Louis.

From the press release:

How Brackets For Good works:

Participating nonprofits rally donors to out-fundraise their opponents in order to advance. Dollars from online donations translate to points, giving participants the opportunity to advance in each market bracket. With each new bracket advancement the points are set back to zero, so each organization starts at the same base. Competing nonprofits keep all donations received during tournament play, no matter how many rounds they advance. The winning organization in each city receives an additional $10,000 Championship grant. Through the excitement and corporate involvement; nonprofits earn increased exposure, raise funds, and meet new donors. Overall there are six rounds in the five-week tournament.


How to Get in the Game

Starting Feb. 24, jump into the game and start your online donations to help your favorite nonprofit advance in Brackets For Good and become one step closer to the $10,000 championship grant by visiting and making a secure, online donation. $1 equals one point.

Head to Brackets for Good St. Louis’ website for a complete list of organizations competing. CamSmash is the St. Louis representative in the national competition and he really, really doesn’t want to see us lose. Go help some puppies and kitties at the national level, and help out your favorite St. Louis charity (or two, or 64) when the brackets open Friday Night.