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Prospect Spotlight: Jordan Kyrou

Can you say future fantasy hockey gem? Kyrou proves to be incredibly productive in the OHL.

2016 NHL Draft - Portraits Photo by Jeffrey T. Barnes/Getty Images

One of my favorite discussions during the hockey season is that of the crazy point totals in junior hockey. Not saying the more defensive hockey we are accustom to in the NHL is bad, quite the opposite actually. But man, it is fun seeing kids blow up games in the “big three” major junior leagues up north. Jordan Kyrou is one of those players whose been a treat to watch in the Ontario Hockey League this season.

Having a 24 game point streak is no easy feat, doesn't matter what league you are in.

As it stands Kyrou, a 2016 second round pick, is fourth overall in the OHL with 83 points in 58 games. For those curious Alex DeBrincat leads the league with 113 points. Does that name sound familiar to you? It could be that DeBrincat is a Blackhawks prospect. Guess the future of the rivalry is going to feature plenty of goals.

But going back to Kyrou, the 18 year old winger has done his part to try and carry the Sarnia Sting to a playoff spot. That’s a tall order to ask as the Sting are currently 13th overall in the league, there’s 20 teams in the OHL.

Part of the reason why Kyrou has had so much success this season is due to the fact he’s been so active with the puck each and every shift. He has 192 shots in 58 games, even if they all aren’t hitting the back of the net, you can’t complain about a player who is putting the effort in. More pucks on net equals more scoring chances, a saying we have all heard far too many times. But despite it being overused, the statement is true.

It’s easy to complain about the Kevin Shattenkirk trade and worry about the future of the franchise. The facts are obvious, the return wasn't great but the future of the St. Louis Blues is just fine. Kyrou is a great example of that as once his season with the Sting is up, the likelihood of him getting a spot in the Wolves lineup for the AHL playoffs is high. Is he ready for the NHL? The short answer to that question is no. Kyrou still needs time to develop and due to the CHL rules, the 18 has to return to junior hockey next season if he doesn't play on the Blues. Which is fine, there’s no reason to rush a player. So for the time being we will just have to enjoy the forward from afar.