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Game Time MailBag: Hitch getting ditched

In today’s (late) submission to the GTMB, Rick Beyer asks a question to all of us.

NHL: Chicago Blackhawks at St. Louis Blues Billy Hurst-USA TODAY Sports

First off, sorry about the tardiness in getting this posted. Rick emailed me this on February 1st, and since I was out of town I couldn’t get it up on the site. If anyone has a submission for the MailBag shoot me a line at hildymacgt at gmail dot com. Without further ado, here’s Rick!

My opinion is Hitch was extended another year and meant to be fired. This outcome was so predictable, If the players buy in again great but after last years almost cup final, I think the team gave it one for the gipper and it didn't happen. Subtract the heart and soul of the team along with some important goals and checking. Replace that with a already been there done that player and announce that the team will play a different style of play....really and my 2014 F-150 will now be a Porsche.

My concern is the "Independent Contractors" that decided to quit. I'm thinking they still had their paychecks direct deposited and continue to live better lives than most of the fans that support them, at least financially.

As my favorite author once wrote: "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer". Will the Independent Contractors be dealt with accordingly? I know some of the contracts are going to be hard to pass on to any potential suitors, don't crap where you eat. My concern is the current financial situation of a team on the road to ruin.

So will it be here we go again or will this team pull their helmets out of their rear ends? Being born early enough to go to some of the early games in standing room only, Will the Note ever win the last game of the season?