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Ducks at Blues morning open thread: Which Blues team are we getting tonight?

The Blues have rebounded from a terrible stretch with two wins - are they out of the woods?

NHL: St. Louis Blues at Anaheim Ducks Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

The Blues seem to have snapped back from a five game losing streak with two back-to-back wins, but how much of that is actually successfully fixing their problems, and how much is the fact that they played the Colorado Avalanche in one of the games (and looked disinterested while doing so, not that you can blame them) and defeated the top team in the Central Division who was having an off night?

The goaltending has improved greatly, but the Blues are banking on an easy schedule to carry them into the playoffs - and the Anaheim Ducks are not an easy part of this schedule. They played last night, beating the Blackhawks 1-0, so they might be tired this evening. The Ducks are also second in the Pacific Division, just one of four teams currently in playoff positioning that the Blues play this month, and they play them again on Wednesday.

This is your morning open thread, the first of back-to-back games here at Scottrade. Check back in a little bit to see what Rick’s Lighting the Lamp has for you, and of course the usual slate of game day goodneess.