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Do A Bracket, Maybe Win A Signed Hockey Puck

It’s that time of year when the NCAA Tournament (the basketball one) makes us all experts

I know, this is a hockey website. Our radio show, Game Time AM airing Monday-Thursday from 5-7 a.m. on 590 AM and streaming live on, talks mostly about hockey. But we can stray from that sometimes. So join us in a bracket challenge and maybe win a prize.

First, here’s how to join. Go to the ESPN tournament challenge thing. Do an entry and put it in a private group:

  • Group Name: Game Time AM
  • Password: jakeallen

And that’s it. Get a bunch of games right, win a puck. We have a couple of pucks you can win. And even if you’re not that good. Or really not that good. And there’s no cost or entry fee. It’s all free.

The first place finisher gets to choose between these two pucks:

Paul Stastny 2016 Halloween mystery puck:

Or a Ryan Reaves Winter Classic game puck (signed in person at Hotshots Sports Bar and Grill):

Obviously the second place finisher will win the other puck.

And finally, the person who fills out a bracket and finishes with the fewest points gets a puck too (no partial entries count, have to pick all the games). Can you figure out who signed this 2016 Halloween mystery puck:

It’s former Carolina Hurricane Ty Rattie. Yes, this rare collectible can be yours!

Well, that’s it. Have some fun with your picks. If you need any sort of real college basketball analysis, try our friend Ryan Fagan of The Sporting News. He was on our radio show on Monday and gave some advice and his Final Four picks. Give him a listen for advice.

And remember, if you’re not up and moving and listening to the radio at 5 a.m., you can get every audio segment if you subscribe to the podcast of the show on itunes, Google Play Store or any podcast app. Just search Game Time AM. It’s just that easy.

So join our bracket challenge filled with hockey fans and let’s see who guesses the best.