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Thursday Game Time AM Audio

Lots of discussion about the trade deadline, callers vent about the Blues and we debuted some new segments.

I don’t need to tell you that the trade deadline was yesterday or that the Kings made themselves just a little better as they try to track down the Blues or that the Blues did nothing to make themselves better. You know all that. Obviously that combination of things can be frustrating and we got into that frustration on Game Time AM this morning on 590 The Fan KFNS. We also debuted a couple new segments and didn’t do an interview with the top hockey guy with SB Nation.

Remember, you can always subscribe to the show’s audio segments on iTunes and all of the podcast apps for Android phones. Now, onto the audio:

Segment 1: We talk trade deadline disappointment and field some calls from some equally disappointed listeners. We also talk more about Doug Armstrong’s performance and the idea that he may already have agreed to an unannounced contract extension. Yeah, we went there.

Segment 2: We debuted two new segments. The first is the Bad Blues Lounge Post of the Day. Even though we’ve been blocked from the Lounge on Facebook, we have our ways of getting access to the worst of the worst posts on the Lounge. The second is an interactive feature with Jeff’s brother in law Dave and him wanting to learn more about the Blues and hockey in general. And the interview didn’t happen, so instead Brad said hello to a pair of his brother’s kids on the way to school in Kansas City. They stream the show live, probably to angle for bigger Christmas presents.

Today wraps up Week 2 of Game Time AM. Thanks for your calls, your texts, your tweets, your downloads, your subscriptions and everything else. Hopefully you tune in Monday.