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Blues fans save elderly woman’s life instead of watching Friday’s game

These guys are the real stars of the game.

NHL: St. Louis Blues at Winnipeg Jets
They missed this mess for a good reason.
Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes this season, Blues fans have compared the team to various and sundry types of fire: tire, dumpster, garbage. Those analogies probably need to go out the window now that two heroic Blues fans faced a fire of their own.

On their way to catch Friday night’s 3-0 loss at a friend’s house, Jared Grzywacz and Collin Fenton drove past a burning building on South Hesperia Street in Collinsville, and heard cries of help. Eighty-eight year old Margaret Roso was unable to walk and trapped in the house.

Fenton and Grzywacz did what any upstanding person would do: they pulled her out of a window, put her in their car to warm up, and saved her life.

They wound up listening to the Blues’ fifth straight loss on the radio in the car while waiting on emergency services to arrive.

Their dedication to the team going through a rough patch is pretty commendable, but these gentlemen are absolutely heroic for saving Mrs. Roso’s life. Thankfully everyone involved is safe and doing fine.