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Game Time AM Audio With Chris Zimmerman, Angella Sharpe

We broadcast our early morning radio show live from Tim Hortons in Lafayette Square and we had some great guests in person.

Delicious treats from Tim Hortons.

They say live radio can be unpredictable. Anything could happen. And this morning, we had a great show — thanks in part to guests we knew would be on the show and one we didn’t.

Before we get to the audio archived at InsideSTL, we have to say thank you to the folks at Tim Hortons in St. Louis. They have six locations around the metro area including across the Mississippi River in Illinois. We were at the Lafayette Square location — 1300 Lafayette Avenue, just south on 14th Street from Scottrade Center. We got to sample fresh, still warm Tim Bits, a new strawberry muffin with a creamy filling, their famous Boston cream doughnut and the legendary Tim Hortons coffee. There have been locations in St. Louis since the summer of 2015, so they’re still fairly new in the area, but hockey fans understand the restaurants, which also have soups and sandwiches for lunch and dinner, are part of the fabric of Canada and linked to hockey thanks to the late founder of the same name, a former player with the Toronto Maple Leafs.

First Segment: We did a detailed breakdown of the Blues’ 2-0 loss Wednesday night against the Wild. Remember: they still have a 3-1 series lead.

Second Segment: We spoke with Tina Bryan with Tim Hortons in St. Louis. We also can be heard on the air chewing and enjoying the food they shared with us. SOOOOO good. Oh, we also talked about other games in the NHL Wednesday night.

Third Segment: Jam packed hour. First, writer in Washington Katie Brown called in to talk Capitals and Maple Leafs, easily the most exciting game last night. Well-known caller Hockey Bob showed up in person to talk Blues. And then we were joined by surprise in-person guest Chris Zimmerman, the president and CEO of the Blues, as well as Blues in-game host Angella Sharpe. Lots of funny stories and observations as well as feedback about the Blues in the playoffs.

Remember, you can always subscribe to our podcast on iTunes, Google Play or your favorite podcast app. We appreciate everyone listening.

Speaking of listening, we’ve gotten feedback from folks all over the place. Listeners have tweeted, emailed, texted in, told us in person and even had messages passed to us through Game Time paper vendors. It’s amazing. We get behind the microphones and it’s pitch black outside. We don’t know if and when people are listening. And all of the encouragement (and even jokes saying we suck) have been amazing.

If you have time to kill before the Blues’ next game on Saturday afternoon, start podcasting like the dickens.