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Predators at Blues game two morning open thread

Play a full 60.

Nashville Predators v St Louis Blues - Game One Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

Ok, so Wednesday night could’ve gone better. The Blues played a perfectly fine first period, forgot that the game resumed during the second, and finally caught on during the third only to have this happen:

Vernon Fiddler, playoff hero.

Let’s not have that again. There’s nothing more deflating than staging a comeback (that, had the Blues bothered to play the entire game wouldn’t’ve been necessary) then having it end due to an absolutely terrible sequence.

The key to tonight’s game? Show up.

Speaking of showing up, make sure that you guys show up for your gameday stuff, and head back by at 7:00 for our GDT if you can’t make it down to Scottrade Center for tonight’s festivities.

Let’s send this to Nashvegas at 1-1, shall we?