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Blues at Predators game four: how to watch, stream, and listen

Tonight’s do or almost die for the Blues.

St Louis Blues v Nashville Predators - Game Three Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

Ok, so game three Sunday afternoon was a bit of a snoozer on the Blues’ end. Tonight, well - win and take the series home tied. Lose and you’re in a 3-1 hole. No pressure.

Which means that hopefully the Blues will be playing like there is some sort of pressure. Like for 60 minutes. In a row.

Tonight’s game is the late NBCSN one, slated to air after the Sens/Rangers game wraps up. Broadcast time is 8:30, so puck drop will be closer to 8:45. If you won’t be at home, you can catch the game on the NBCSN Live Extra app or on their website right over here (cable TV subscription required).

The Cardinals are slated to play the Brewers tonight at 7:30, so the Blues game will be broadcast on Y98 FM. Adjust your dials accordingly.