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Report: Darren Pang may leave Blues’ broadcast booth

The beloved broadcaster is without a contract.

St. Louis Blues v Phoenix Coyotes Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

While the Scottrade Center is undergoing renovations this summer, more changes may be in the works for the Blues’ off-ice product.

Broadcaster Darren Pang has been with the Blues for the past nine seasons while also doing side jobs for Sportsnet and NBC Sports Network. He’s universally beloved in the sport, and the Blues pulled a coup when they snagged him away from the (then) Phoenix Coyotes.

Unfortunately, his contract with Fox Sports Midwest expired at the end of last season, and work on a new deal hasn’t been going well. From an interview with the Post-Dispatch’s Dan Caesar:

“Talks were going a little slowly,” he said Thursday. “They have picked up in the last few days. That gives me hope I’ll return for my ninth year. But I thought this would get done sooner. That part is frustrating.”


“I’m a free agent. There’s a new franchise (in Las Vegas) that needs announcers, there are (other) things” possible, he said.

The initial offer from the broadcaster was less than what Pang is currently making. He’d like to finish his career with the Blues, but unless the network comes up in salary, he may not.