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Friedman: Blues showing interest in Chris Thorburn

The team wants an enforcer to replace Ryan Reaves.

St Louis Blues v Winnipeg Jets Photo by Marianne Helm/Getty Images

You can tell that it’s free agency. How? The Blues are sniffing around fourth line players.

Per Elliotte Friedman:

Chris Thorburn was one of my favorites when the Thrashers were still in Atlanta. While not supremely skilled, he worked his ass of every single game and was one of the few on the team at the end that you can safely say played every game full throttle every night.

That was literally six years ago.

Last season Thorburn averaged 6:58 in ice time, and had three goals and an assist.

Blue collar, hard worker? Check. Downgrade from Ryan Reaves on the fourth line? Check. Will make the Blues better?

Not so much.