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Colton Parayko files for arbitration

The deadline to file was 4 PM today.

Nashville Predators v St Louis Blues - Game Two Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

Today was the deadline for players and teams to file for salary arbitration. It was widely assumed that the Blues would file for arbitration for Colton Parayko, protecting him from an offer sheet and giving both sides time to work on at least a one or two year bridge deal. Filling for arbitration also ensures that Parayko will be on the ice to start the season.

Instead of the Blues filling today, Parayko beat them to the punch. By Parayko being the one to file, the Blues are able to choose the term of the contract at either one or two years. That is, if a long term deal can’t be reached before the to-be-determined date of the arbitration hearing.

The whole arbitration affair is just a formality as part of either a long or short process to lock Parayko into a deal. Blues fans should take comfort that he’s at least locked in for now, and we can focus on the (eventual) terms of his longer deal.