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Say Hi To Game Time: JoshyHockey

Game Time was due to have another one of these soon right?

Hi I'm Josh and I help cover the Blues prospects for this lovely site. A difficult task depending on the strength of the online stream I’m using. Coming into the 2017-18 season I’ll once again will be giving you all weekly updates as to what the “Baby Blues” are up to.

But for now lets head to the Q & A portion of this introduction!

  1. Why/how did you become a Blues fan?

This one is likely a story many have had themselves, my dad raised me as a Blues fan. It was never an option really as my dad is a year round sports obsessed person. Pretty sure he hasn't seen a movie in about 20 years. Anyway back to myself, I was hooked to hockey pretty early on as a kid. I loved the fast paced play, the jerseys, team names, video games... you get the point. As I got older the stat side of things and the “journey” to the NHL really grabbed me by the collar and keeps me obsessed to this day.

2. How many years have you suffered?

Too many to count. As a kid you don't fully understand every loss but I’ve had my heart broken by this team many times.

3. Favorite player/moment

Favorite player is a bit more difficult for me. As a guy who likes to follow the prospects, I really do end up getting “attached” to certain players as they grow into their game. Maybe attached isn't the right word but it is hard to pick a favorite player over the pile. Most players are lumped into groups. But if I HAD to pick just one, Brett Hull was the first player I loved raving about when playing street hockey.

As for my favorite moment this one is actually a bit more recent. This one may change years from now but for the time being Alexander Steen’s ot game winning goal against the LA Kings (2013) is my favorite moment. Why you ask? Well for one who doesn't love dramatic playoff hockey? Also add in the fact that it had been (at the time) a long time since the Blues had a win over the Kings. Being in that building watching Steen get that shorthanded goal the place absolutely erupted and I’ll never forget that. I’ll always been a fan of Steen due to that moment.

4. How did you begin writing for Game TIme?

Pretty simple actually, I had been following Game Time for quite awhile on twitter and had read the paper when I went to the games. I was looking to covering the team a bit more and really just asked on a whim if I could join the team and help out in any way. I believe it was Hildymac that responded to me and here I am.

5. Are you an out of towner?

I am not. Born and raised in St. Louis.

6. Do you have any other hobbies besides hockey?

I have a few but its hard to fit everything in during the season. But I do try and fit in movies when I have time. As far as other sports go, soccer and Aussie rules footy tend to hold my attention quite a bit. Unless we can count pro can be the judge on that.

7. How many more years do you think it will be before the Blues win the Stanley Cup?

I try and not think about this too much. Will it happen? I think it will happen someday, we just have to be patient and survive this yearly roller coaster.

8. Most important lesson learned as a Blues fan?


9. Favorite beverage?

I just may be the lone sober person on this site/staff! Been straight edge for 12 going on 13 years this fall. I'm lame I know. I typically stick to water or Fitz’s orange soda if I'm feeling dangerous.